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Meet The Founder : Alicia of Apothepurity

Dear lovelies, today I would love to introduce you to the beautiful Alicia, who is the founder of  Apothepurity, an amazing eco conscious apothecary company, whose  products I had a pleasure to experience recently and absolutely loved. Not only are the products  so nurturing and therapeutic , Apothepurity’s values are an example of what a conscious natural skincare brand should be : honest and transparent, sustainable, supporting local businesses, fully recyclable packaging and materials, zero waste  and supporting animal welfare.

Alicia herself is an absolutely inspirational human being, who’s journey towards finding her calling and her brand is touching and beautiful.

In this interview she shares her personal inspiration behind Apothepurity, her  journey towards finding her calling , her passion towards natural living and her future plans for this beautiful brand. I hope you will love it!

What is your personal definition of beauty?

This is actually a very personal question to answer for me. I have the word beauty tattooed on my wrist in my own handwriting from a time when I was young and wild, to remind me of exactly what it means to me. True beauty, to me, has absolutely nothing to do with outer appearance. Beauty to me is to be able to transcend all of the flaws humans see within ourselves, and see how the culmination of all of these flaws and imperfections are exactly what makes us unique and beautiful. This in turn, helps us to recognize the beauty we see in our everyday lives that so many sadly overlook. In today’s world, we are so caught up in our daily lives, that we often miss the moments that are truly beautiful. The little things. The sound of birds chirping on an otherwise quiet day, trees swaying in the wind, the sun on our skin. True beauty comes from within. The ability to see this, is what makes a person truly beautiful to me.

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What does natural mean to you?

Natural to me means of Earth and in synchronicity with Earth’s inherent processes. I believe that we as a species have drifted away from this, and I hope to change that.

How do you nurture your inner beauty?

I nurture my inner beauty simply by introspection. Taking a step back, and examining my own processes…then taking steps to better them. This, in turn, cultivates and nurtures my inner beauty. I constantly engage myself in activities that force one to examine their processes and better themselves.

What inspired you to create Apothepurity?

The seed for Apothepurity was planted while living on the island of Oahu in my early twenties. There I learned the importance of recycling, sustainability, organics, a plant based diet and so much more I can’t put into words. I changed everything about my lifestyle that year and felt better than I ever had before. I wanted to share that happiness and inner peace with others, but was not sure how to go about it just yet.

When I returned to the states, I quickly realized that the market was severely lacking truly pure products and truly good companies. In 2011, great companies were even more scarce. The market was (and still is) flooded with companies who put profit over everything. I wanted to create a company that was as clean as it gets in every way possible, to hopefully encourage others to follow suit. I wanted to create a company whose bottom line wasn’t the dollar, one whose bottom line was simply to help people thrive by making it easy for them to transition to or continue living a more natural lifestyle for the betterment of themselves and the planet too. I wanted to show people that switching to a natural routine didn’t mean they had to settle for less, that in fact the natural replacements can be far superior to their old conventional products. I wanted to convince people that it matters. I wanted to convince people to get back to their roots. My thought process was to follow my heart, and the rest would follow suit.

All of this goes much deeper than that. This next part is quite a sad story, but it is an integral part of my story that I rarely share. I lost my mom when I was 14 to an overdose. She was addicted to prescription drugs and could not escape the vicious cycle. I realized at a very young age that we as humans have made a huge mistake in veering away from our natural processes. I knew that my calling was to change that in one way or another, I just had no idea how it would all play out at the time. We as a species have become so detached. I want to teach people that we don’t need these man made things as much as we are told we do. I want to teach people how to get back to their roots, and that nature provides everything we truly need. I just needed an outlet to help me express that. Apothepurity is that outlet, my calling. It goes much deeper that simply a love and knack for making organic products. My past, love for luxury skin care coupled with my training, love for a natural lifestyle, and desire to spread the word resulted in the creation of what is now known as Apothepurity.

Which product is your personal favourite?

My all time favourite product that I use daily is Citrus Dream Body Butter. I love it. It was the second product I ever created (Germs Be Gone was the first!) Although I have tweaked and improved my formula over the years, it’s still that same great reliable product I created from day one. I use all of the products I make on a regular basis, except for I am allergic to lavender so I formulate my products that contain lavender without it for myself. A close second and third is Germs Be Gone and Keep Me Fresh Natural Deodorant.

What is next for Apothepurity?

Next up for Apothepurity is releasing a full skin care line. I currently make a full skin care line via custom order and cannot wait to share it with everyone. In 2009, I received well over 650 hours of training in the field of aesthetics and was at the top of my class. Although I did not complete the course due to an injury, what I took away from that experience was immeasurable. My knowledge of the skin and different types has helped me to create an outstanding line for each skin type. The targeted ingredients I chose work harmoniously together to conquer everyday skin issues. Aside from the skin care line, we are preparing for multiple shows in the fall and for our products to go into a few additional locations. I am so very excited for what the future holds for Apothepurity. No matter what happens, I go to sleep every night knowing that I am making a difference, slowly but surely…and that is what truly counts.

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