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Meet the Founder : Nena Stojova of Bare Origin Skincare

Dear friends , I would like to introduce you to the beautiful  Nena Stojova of Bare Origin Skincare , whom I had a pleasure to get to know recently and whose values and products I absolutely admire. Together we share, amongst other things, our love for travel and argan oil and Nena is the kind of woman you want to hang out with and get totally inspired by. In this interview she talks about the inspiration behind Bare Skin Origin, shares her insights on her skincare philosophy and the things that inspire her. Enjoy!

Describe Bare Origin in three words.
Quality, empowerment, nature

What inspired you to create this amazing brand?

I was tired of not knowing where the things I use are coming from! In the food industry, cosmetic industry, clothing industry. It’s all so dry and impersonal, secretive and secluded. So I wanted to change that. I wanted to bring forward the faces of people who actually make what we use and of course the stories of the ingredients.
I discovered argan oil some years ago while traveling around Morocco and was blown away by what pure argan oil can do for the skin. Honestly I couldn’t find the quality of argan oil I was getting there, outside of Morocco so then I brought my own 🙂 After the great first response I continued my travels hunting for new ingredients and the collection slowly grew. Still at the core of the idea is transparency and then enabling consumers to have the power to change someone’s life!


What does natural mean to you?

Natural for me is removing everything that is unnecessary! Nature is simple, it is we who complicate things. We have now ended up using so many things we don’t actually need! So natural is actually peeling of the layers to come to the basic – to the core. To live our lives simply and trust that all we need is already there.

If you had to use only one product from your range, what would it be?
Uf, probably the most difficult question, ever! 🙂 Every period I have a favourite I play around with the most. Right now I don’t go anywhere without the rose argan oil. Those who have seen my film “The story of the Desert Rose” will understand why I am so fond of this combination 🙂
I use only pure distilled rose otto in my argan, which I get as soon as it comes out of the distilling machine. This makes all the difference in the aroma and the healing capacity of the oil.

What’s your personal definition of beauty?

I don’t see beauty as an external quality to be obtained but rather discovered, or rediscovered to be more exact. For me beauty is not connected to our physical bodies. Beauty is something we have inside, it is a part of our soul. Beauty is very unique to each individual and we can not generalise it, put it in boxes. We are all beautiful inside and we show that trough our smiles, our eyes, our gestures and most of all our actions.


What is your skincare philosophy?
Simple, pure and premium quality. I use very few products. My traveling lifestyle demands that! I am never stingy to pay more for a product if I know what I get is from a good source and good quality. I am of course a lot into DIY skin care products. With only 5 basic ingredients I can put together a cleanser, a face oil and a body lotion. I am not afraid to use fresh ingredients into mixtures like different fruits, vegetables and oils. Especially while traveling I very often just go and buy avocados for example. And then with a bit of argan oil and honey I enjoy a home spa treatment for both hair and skin.

What inspires you?
Very cliche but nature inspires me the most. Strong women also! A good book always sparks up my creativity and of course traveling.

What’s next for Bare Origin?

At the moment just getting the message out there. Getting more people to try the products and get convinced how amazing they are. I have 3 fairs coming up: Fashion & Lifestyle expo Skopje, Stockholm Beauty Week and Balance Festival London. I can’t wait to meet and talk to all the amazing people and brands who are going to be there.
In the same time hunting for new ingredients, this time the Middle East is on my radar!
I am more focused on quality then quantity so it takes time to bring forward new ingredients in the collection, but once I got them I am always jumping around in joy for what I have discovered! 🙂



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