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Tose Apothecary: A Step Closer To Nature

I am a big believer in  honest , authentic , truthful and ethical business  values and that is exactly why when I see a beautiful small brand of natural beauty products , such as Tose Apothecary,  I cant help but appreciate and love their honesty and desire to provide natural, beautiful smelling and effective skincare.

After meeting beautiful Abha, the founder of Tose Apothecary at one of the London’s craft markets, while we discussed our mutual passion for holistic skincare, I fell in love with her values and dedication for cruelty free, hand crafted and pure products.  At the core of their values stands the intention to help people  get on a journey to rediscover beauty by using chemical free products, making nature part of our everyday lifestyle and in tern contributing to changing the world by playing our part in making the world a better place.


Each of the product is formulated using the finest natural and active botanical ingredients, made with unrefined oils and butters and come in Bio degradable and recyclable packaging. Transparency of ingredients , the purity of raw botanical extracts and respect towards nature are the main values behind this beautiful British apothecary brand.

The love and the belief in the power and purity of our divine nature can be experienced through every product made by this skincare brand.  With the purpose of bringing purity, energy and balance into everyday living by creating natural and pure products that are effective and ethical, Tose apothecary’s products are an absolute reflection of these values.

Their Yland Ylang and Macadamia body oil is one of my favourite products of the moment and I love how it softens and protects  my skin while leaving it smelling amazing.

Love, Anna xx

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