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Bare Origins: Nature’s Healing Power

I just want to start by saying how much I love Argan oil . It was the first oil that I have ever put on my face and I credit this beautiful oil to the beginning of my clean beauty care transition. It was 8 years ago, while travelling in Morocco , near Essaouira , where me and my friends decided to stop at one of the argan oils cooperatives there and I bought one, out of interest. When I came back home  and tried it as a night serum I remember how amazed I was in the morning at how nourished and soft my skin felt. It was love at the first sign.

The benefits of argan oil are endless . Light and capable of penetrating the skin without feeling greasy , this anti- ageing, anti – inflammatory , moisturizing and nourishing wonder oil is high in vitamin E, polyphenols, squalene  and carotenes, the antioxidant compounds that protect the skin against free radical damage. Indigenous to Morocco , argan trees are adapted to dry and harsh desert conditions and perform similar protective functions for the skin  and hair, sealing moisture in , while protecting against harsh sun, air and high temperatures.

Since then I have returned to Morocco and discovered that as the world popularity of Argan oil has grown, so did the number of cooperatives and in turn the quality offered has somehow been lowered , I guess to cater for the tourist demand .

When I first   discovered Bare Origins and read about their values , I  couldn’t wait to try their products out. Offering pure, high vibrational botanicals ingredients, they use  raw materials that come directly from the source,  sustainably harvested and created with love, attention and bliss.

The journey of this beautiful and authentic brand started in Morocco when Nena , the founder, has observed the tedious work which goes into the production of argan and rose oils. This sparked her desire to create a 100 % natural skincare line whose ingredients are transparently produced, bridging the gap between producers and consumers.

Bare Origins vision is to source the best, high quality potent, pure and natural skincare ingredients  while making sure that the producers are well paid and empowering the communities they live and work in. I love these values! bare origin.jpg

The oils themselves are just of such high quality ,  easily absorbed and leave my skin so supple , nourished and hydrated. The organic and wild harvested ingredients are absolutely pure and potent which can be felt in the products themselves. I am absolutely in love!

They come in high quality MIRON glass bottles , which apart from making it look beautiful and sleek ,  helps to protect the oils from  harmful sun rays and increase its shelf life.

Golden Chocolate Argan oil is my favourite and I would go as far as saying that it is one of my most favourite beauty products of all times. Made from 100% pure, cold-pressed oil of unroasted, wild-harvested argan nuts infused in raw, organic Peruvian cacao beans and organic bourbon vanilla, it is absolutely divine.

I cant say enough praise for this beautiful , luxurious and authentic brand. I am always happy to support a  brand with the right values and such high quality  and indulgent products.

Love, Anna xx


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