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Organic and Wildcrafted Skincare : Annmarie Gianni

As we become more and more aware of the harmful ingredients that can be found in cosmetics , we are more inclined to buy organic and natural skincare, which is the reason why the organic and natural skincare market has been on a massive rise in the last 5 years.

Because of this rise the organic brands and products have been flooding the market and the words ‘natural’ , ‘organic’ and ‘botanical’ have somehow been misused . It is so important to read the labels and have the knowledge of these ingredients. For example,  many skincare companies , will make a list of fancy ingredients that are derived from herbs, however  the majority of them are heated and heavily processed.

I absolute love finding real organic skincare lines that use   100% raw, natural, certified organic, and wild-crafted ingredients.  A selection of herbs used in Annmarie Gianni are picked in the mountains where they grow wild!

 Annamarie Gianni is one of these companies that as well as being completely chemical free,  incorporate the secrets of aromatherapy, utilising the natural healing power of herbs and oils. And doing all that with environment in mind. They  choose every ingredient specifically and consciously, taking into account aspects beyond just organics.  Sustainability, labour conditions, and geographic location of the ingredients they source are some of the things taken into consideration during the making process.

Beautiful and potent , well developed range products are made of extracts, oils, flowers , leaves and clays that leave the skin so nourished, soft, revitalized, clear and glowing, while offering anti ageing and cell regenerating properties.


What I love about the products is that they  absolutely work.  My skin is loving them and I have noticed how glowing and nourished it looks and feels after using them. The ingredients are natural , but high performance and are aimed at promoting younger, healthier looking and beautiful skin.

One of my favourite product is he anti ageing serum (vegan)  which leaves my skin so smooth and beautiful and has such unique ingredients :

*Aloe vera juice, serum blend (*aloe vera juice, *squalane [plant sugar derived], carrageenan [chondrus crispus], non-GMO xanthan gum), *rose distillate, *aloe vera juice infused with herbs (*amla berry, *calendula flowers, *comfrey leaves, *fennel seed, *gingko leaves, *gotu kola leaves, *shavegrass (horsetail herb), *life everlasting flowers, *milk thistle seed, *nettle leaves, *plantago leaves, *rhodiola root, *rooibos, *rosemary leaves, *schisandra berries), *sunflower seed extract, *buddleja davidii extract, *edelweiss extract, aspen bark extract, *vegetable glycerin, *red raspberry seed extract, sodium ascorbate, *flax seed extract, *chia seed oil, non-GMO vitamin E tocopherols, *rose absolute, non-GMO xanthan gum, vetiver oil, *tamanu oil, frankincense oil, hyaluronic acid, rose hip seed extract, sweet myrrh oil, *rosemary extract, *jasmine sambac absolute.
*Organic or wildcrafted

Annamarie products remind me of India ! The smells and the textures take me back to the times when I am in India , trying out the powders, oils and scrubs and getting exited about the beautiful ingredients that they are made of.

I absolutely love the fact that the ingredients are natural and raw, but very potent and effective.

This is the brand that offers such honest, unique and toxic free  products that also don’t put  strain on the environment .

I love , love , love it !




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