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11 Magic Homemade Beauty Ingreadients

My passion for natural diy skincare always  leads me to try out new ingredients , as I just cant stop myself . However , just like a cook will always have certain staples to hand, so it is with potion making. Here are some basic, but nevertheless amazing staples , that are essential to make some great beauty products and it just happens  that 11 is my favourite number :

Coconut oil – this amazing all-purpose, soothing and softening ingredient can be used for so many things including body butters, face creams, hair products, soaps, balms, shaving creams and so much more. I can never be without it use it all the time to moisturise my hair , body and face.

Shea Butter –  rich in elements such as vitamins, plant sterols, minerals and other nourishing compounds, this butter is perfect to use in super moisturizing lotions, butters and hair products.

Plant oils – these are liquid fats extracted from certain plants, such as almond oil, apricot oil, avocado, sunflower and jojoba oil. Cold pressed and organic ones are the best as they are more nutritious for the skin. They can be used to dilute essential oils and blended with the solid butters to make creams, butters and moisturisers.

Essential Oils – these are a true miracle ingredients which add extra healing benefits to the skin and the mind. With some caution they can be added to so many beauty products chosen by different therapeutic benefits that they provide. Used in facial and body diy products they not only will make your products smell great, but also help to deal with different skin types and conditions. I absolutely love essential oils and they are my everyday staple, however one of my most used and loved oil is lavender.

Rose water (Hydrosol) – the byproduct of the distillation of essential oil. Since ancient times, rosewater has been used as a gentle astringent and as an anti-inflammatory. Use with a cotton swab as a toner or spritz onto your face a few times a day. Rosewater smells amazing and is also great added to facial mask, creams and lotions.

Aloe Vera – tried-and – tested remedy for sunburns, aloe vera is also great for moisturizing and soothing irritation, acne and bug bites. Great for use in body and face creams, hair and scalp remedies and much more.

Beeswax –  forms a protective layer over the skin while still allowing it to breathe, meaning it’s great for healing minor irritations. It also helps give DIY products a nice texture.

Clay – Using clay to make face masks is not a new beauty secret, however mineral rich clay can also be added to face scrubs, cleansers, eczema treatment products, balms and lotions.

Raw Honey – this super ingredient has the ability to lock in moisture, while regulating the skin’s natural moisture and without clogging pores. It is a great ingredient for dry, sensitive or acne prone skin. Honey is a great ingredient to add to lip balms, face washes and faces masks.

Castile Soap – this soap is completely natural and full of beneficial moisturizing oils. Simply adding essential oils to castile soap can add extra benefits to the soap and can be used as a shower gel, handwash, shaving cream and shampoo. Castile soap can also be added into facial products such as facial scrubs and washes.

Raw Cocoa –  cocoa powder contains lots of minerals including calcium, potassium and zinc as well as high levels of caffeine and theobromine. It also adds beautiful chocolatey smell to the products. It can be used added to body scrubs, face masks or body creams. I absolutely love adding cocoa to body scrubs and face masks.


Love Anna xx

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    • Honey is great and is being used in many commercial skincare brands for its properties, however it is so much better to use in your own made unprocessed skincare creations, honestly raw honey used in a face mask is one of the best things I have tried :). Castile soap is such a multitasker and is great for use in face and body washes. x

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