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Cocoa Coffee Bliss Body Scrub

This might just be one of my favourite body scrubs ever. Done with the ingredients that are easily found in any kitchen cupboard  this scrub is so natural you could literally eat it, although I wouldn’t advice it. This is a perfect scrub to use in the morning , the coffee will leave your skin and your senses totally invigorated.

The scrub stimulates blood circulation leaving the skin glowing and revitalized. Caffeine is an antioxidant that works on tightening the skin and reducing inflammation and redness and sugar  is a great exfoliant that contains glycolic acid, which works to remove dead skin cells on a deeper level.  Antioxidant rich cocoa powder will give the scrub a chocolate scent. Cocoa powder contains lots of minerals including calcium, potassium and zinc as well as high levels of caffeine and theobromine. These compounds are able to break down fats and can have draining properties on fatty cells, which can help in skin firming of the skin.

Cinnamon is an antiseptic, which helps to reduce bacteria on the surface of the skin and is also great for the prevention of spots and treating the existent ones. Coconut oil will moisturise the skin, leaving it so soft and supple.

This is a beautiful scrub to give as present, especially to a coffee or a chocolate addict. Just put it in a nice jar, with some beautiful labels and give as a present to your loved ones.






To make this scrumptious scrub you will need:

110 g Ground coffee

110 g Brown Sugar

60 g Raw coconut oil

1 tsp Raw cocoa powder

1 tsp Ground Cinnamon

To make:

Mix the sugar, coffee, cocoa and cinnamon together in a bowl. Once mixed, add the softened coconut oil and mix well to achieve a scrub like consistency. If the coconut oil is solidified , you can always melt it in a bain marie before adding it to the scrub. When ready, transfer into a jar and there you have a beautiful smelling, nourishing body scrub.

You can also make this scrub as you go by using the smaller amounts of the ingredients.
These measurements are approximate and you can always adjust them to make the consistency you prefer.

This scrub is wonderful to use in a shower and there is no need to moisturize afterwards. It is suitable for all skin types. Its important to store this product in a dry place and ensure that water doesn’t enter the product when you are using it.  As long as you don’t get any water in it, has a shelf life of around a month.

To use, apply a small handful of the scrub on dampened skin, rub in circular motions and rinse off.

Love, Anna xx







  1. I am very happy to see your blog because I’ve been looking for body scrub recipes that has cocoa in it. Also, I want to experience the chocolate scent that the cocoa powder produce when mixed with cinnamon.


  2. i appreciate your post i was trying to find better body scrub recipes online finally i found it 🙂 you shared a such a nice body scrub recipe.


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