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Rose and Vanilla Body Scrub and Bath Soak

And the rose themed beauty making continues. I am obsessed with rose smell and feel like there so many thing you can do with this amazing flower. I absolutely love making body scrubs and I usually prefer to use sugar , as its gentler on the skin. However, in this scrub I used sea salt and Himalayan pink salt,  to make it a little different.  Himalayan pink salts have amazing detoxifying properties and this scrub can even be used as bath salts for extra added benefit. When used in a bath the toxins are released into the bath water through osmosis, while the minerals from the Himalayan Pink Salt are absorbed through the skin. This reduces the acidity in our body and balances the pH factor of our skin.



This all natural scrub, smells delicious and I love adding rose petals to my beauty creations as I absolutely love their smell.

Here is what you need:

3 Cups of Sea Salt

3-4 tbsp. of Himalayan pink salt

1/4 cup of Coconut oil

A handful of rose petals

1 Vanilla Bean (optional)

5 drops of Rose, Palmarosa or Geranium essential oils

To make, mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. If the coconut oil to solidified, melt I gently in a bain marie for a minute or so.  Cut the vanilla bean in the middle, scrape the seeds out with a knife and add to the mixture and mix well. Pour all the ingredients into a jar and there you have it, a beautiful Rose and Vanilla body scrub and bath soak.

Another option would be to mix all the ingredients together, leaving the coconut oil out and then adding the coconut oil each time you would like to use the scrub. This way you can use the scrub as a bath soak or giving it as a beautiful gift.

Love, Anna xx

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