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4 Amazing Oils for Your Skin

Switching to an oil based skin routine, has been one of the best thing I could do for my skin. I now primarily use oils and oil based creams in my beauty routine for face an body and I absolutely love it. The natural , organic oils are amazing, they nourish, protect and soften the skin and they can also be used together with your usual skincare routine to enhance the natural active ingredients in your skincare.

There are so many oils available these days, each of them having great skin caring benefits. The choice comes down to the benefits and properties that you are looking for .

These oils are some of my favourites due to their amazing skin benefits. They are also great  if you want to start using oils, but don’t know which ones to start with:

Rosehip oil

Rosehip oil is pressed from the seeds of Wild Chilean Rosehips and has been used for centuries , due to its Rose-Hip-Oilregenerative and nourishing properties. This oil penetrates deep into the skin where it helps to regenerate the cells and increase the production of collagen, thus helping to delay the ageing of the skin.

It is rich in Vitamin E and  C, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which has ben proven to help healing scar tissue and blemishes. This oil has the ability to heal and maintain the texture and softness of the skin and also improving deep wrinkles, UV damage and dark spots.

It has a silky and luscious feel on the skin , absorbing quickly and completely , creating a moisture barrier.

Personally, I have seen amazing results after using this oil and advise it to all of my friends and family. Results, that none of the expensive creams have been able to achieve previously. I am absolutely in love with this oil, as it makes my skin so beautiful and radiant.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oils has recently got a lot of recognition in the western world and rightly so. Its unique characteristics make it a great oil, not only for skincare and haircare, but also for health. coconut-1

This oil is great for sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin. It is anti bacterial , anti-viral and anti inflammatory. It really is a  great all rounder oil, can be used as  make up remover, body moisturiser, hair mask, face moisturiser and many more.

The small molecular structure of this oil  allows for easy absorption, giving your skin a soft and smooth texture. The medium chin fatty acids in coconut oil, help to retain the moisture content of the skin, therefore making it a great choice for different skin conditions, such as eczema. This oil is great for use all year round, as it helps to sooth skin in the cold months as well as replenish and sooth skin after too much sun exposure in summer. I take it on holidays with me and use it as a hair mask, body and face moisturiser and a facial cleanser.

Argan Oil

I first came to learn about this oil, while in Morocco , visiting the argan oil farm , where the local women ARGANwere pressing the argan nuts.   I bough a bottle of an argan oil then and after using it one night, I could not believe the effect it had on my skin after a few days of use. This really was the start of my love affairs with oils.

Indigenous to Morocco, argan trees are adapted to dry desert conditions and therefore perform similar properties functions to the skin, protecting the skin from the harsh sun and air, while at the same time sealing the moisture in. It is known to native Moroccan people as Liquid Gold in Morocco, due to its great health giving properties.This oil is light and is capable of penetrating  the skin without feeling greasy or heavy. It is a great oil for use in skin care and treating problem skin. It is also a great oil to use in a part of a hair care routine.

Its high Vitamin E content ,squalene, polyphenols and the antioxidant compounds act as a skin protector from free radical damage. It is anti ageing, moisturising and anti inflammatory and can be used either applied on its own directly onto the skin or mixed with other oil for extra benefits.

Jojoba Oil

Technically this is a liquid wax, as it contains very few triglycerides- the definition of an oil. It looks and acts like a liquid oil, but behaves as a wax. In cold weather it will solidify. jojoba seed

Jojoba oil is an excellent oil for the skin, it is regenerative, restructuring and emollient. It provides a light film on the skin that maintains moisture while allowing the skin to breathe.  This oil is a wonderful moisturiser, which easily penetrates the upper layers of the skin . It is easily absorbed by the upper layers of the skin without clogging the pores, this make jojoba oil excellent for protecting the skin against acne and treating existing acne.  Jojoba oil closely resembles the natural oil (sebum) produced by our skin , making this oil high in compatibility with the skin. It is a great natural skin care oil for all skin types, especially sensitive, inflamed  and irritated.

There are so many great ways in which jojoba oil can be used in skincare, such as the Oil Cleansing Method , facial serums, masks, scrubs, body moisturisers, hair treatments and many more.

I would always say that its best to buy cold pressed, unrefined and  unprocessed oils, as they are the highest quality ones. Oils that go through a refining and processing procedure, can loose a lot of their goodness during this process.

Love, Anna xx

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  1. I think that Rosehip oil is really amazing for wrinkles and aging skin. You can see difference within weeks from using it. For me is like a holly grail in oils.
    Great article very informative.


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