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Lemon and Poppy Seeds Homemade Body Scrub

Spring is a great time to use a body scrub, as it prepares your skin for summer and leaves it feeling soft and nourished. I absolutely love making my own body scrubs! They are so easy  to make, you can add whatever ingredients you wish and it is much cheaper making your own scrub, than buying it from a shop. Making your own body scrub is fun!

Many cosmetic companies add preservatives and perfumes to scrubs. They also sell them at unreasonably high prices. Recently after using a jar of a premium  brand body scrub, that is being sold at £ 30,(I got it given as a present) I was amazed and puzzled at the simple ingredients that went into that scrub and the reason for such a high price. It was a jar of sea salt, oil, preservative and few essential oils.

This scrub smells so good and will leave your skin amazingly soft. The sugar and poppy seeds in this scrub act as a gentle exfoliator and remove dead skin cells. I love using sugar, as opposed to salts, when making body scrubs as I find that sugar is  much gentler on the skin. Oh, and slathering sugar and oil all over the body is so pleasant and therapeutic ! Sugar is a great exfoliator, it contains glycolic acid , which helps to maintain the natural oil balance in the skin and also helps to even out the skin tone.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, acts as a natural cleanser for the skin and helps to tighten the pores, which is great for treating acne. Almond Oil is light and very nutritious oil for the skin. It is rich in Vitamin E, squalene, glycosides and beta-sitosterol- all great compounds to sooth and nourish the skin.

To make this beautiful scrub you will need:   image

1 cup of Caster Sugar

Half a cup of almond or coconut oil

3 Table spoons of Poppy Seeds

5-10 drops Lemon essential oil

A pinch of  freshly grated lemon rind

Mix all of the ingredients together, stir  until you get an even mixture . You can add more or less oil, depending on what consistency you would like to achieve. Place the scrub in a nice jar with a tight lid and you can store it for about 2 month in your bathroom.  As this scrub does not contain any preservatives, I would suggest to use a wooden spoon to get the scrub out of the jar when using it, so that no water gets inside the jar.

Use the scrub in a bathroom , rubbing into the dry skin in circular motion, rinse off and enjoy a soft, beautiful smelling skin. There is no need to moisturise afterwards, as the oil in the scrub will moisturise the skin. I would not advice to use this scrub on the face, as it may be too harsh for sensitive skin types.

Live Well , Anna x

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