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The Power of Now

This book has the power to change a life. Strong words, I know, but it has changed my life and helped me to discover my true self.  It helped me through difficult times in my life .

Books have the power to change lives and I truly believe that the right books do come into our lives when we are ready for them and need them the most. Being open to receiving the knowledge that books provide is very important . For me, The Power of Now is one of the most live changing books I have ever read and it has become kind of a bible for me, I keep it by my bedside and return to it every time I need some motivation and inspiration.                                 tows-tolle-quote-thank-you-949x949

The author Eckhart Tolle shows us through this book that there is a way out of psychological pain , through surrendering to the Now , the Present , the silence and space around us, which also leads us to attaining Inner Peace. In his words, in the NOW , problems do not exist.

The reason in my opinion why this book is so successful and so amazing is that somehow the author manages to explain these things in the way that anyone can understand. You do not need to be a practitioner of meditation or any other spiritual practices (although beneficial) to understand this book and benefit from it.

I find that to me, almost every line of this book is inspirational and I have never experienced anything like it. It gets to the root of our problems, pains and issues in life.  No matter what your believes in life are,  if you are open to the information in this book, it will not only help you , but will change your life. tumblr_m1unrr2maj1r4i460o1_1280

Ofcourse, like with everything in life, you have to be prepared and ready to change your ways, so if you are , then this book is for you. You will learn things about yourself that you didn’t know about and it will help you to find peace and happiness inside, that you may never knew existed.

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