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Face Mapping For Clear Skin

Since recently coming back from a trip to my beautiful homeland , I have noticed that my usually clear and glowing skin, was not looking its best and some spots have developed on my face, which is unusual for me. I know for sure that every time I go away somewhere my skin suffers. I do let myself indulge in the local cuisine of the places where I go , which has a major affect on my skin. Travelling, stress, lack of sleep , change of water and other factors also have an affect on my skin and it made me think about and analyse why I get my spots where I get them.

Our faces are truly the mirror to our health. Some ancient medicine traditions  believe that face mapping can help you identify the cause of your skin problems and specifically  inflammations. Noticing where on the face the problem appears is a key to detecting the imbalance within the body.

face chart 1

The Digestive System – digestive problems can be linked to problems with breaking down certain foods and  too much fat in the diet . It may also indicate too many toxins within the body ( liver problems), stress , too much worrying and irregular sleep patter.  A diet high in antioxidants , a lot of fresh vegetables and plenty of water will help to clear this area.

Kidneys –  are related to problems around the eyes and even dark circles (although it can be hereditary). Problems in this area can indicate dehydration and poor elimination. Drinking lots of water and fresh juices will help to keep this area clear and moisturised.

Liver – poor toxin elimination can cause spots in this area. Too much alcohol  and dairy produce are said to be the main causes of spots in this area. Food allergies can also show up as an inflammation in this area.

Heart– The breakouts or inflammations on the nose area may indicate problems with blood pressure, poor diet or constipation. Reducing ‘bad’ fat intake and increasing the consumption of Omega rich foods  such as nuts, avocados and oily fish,can improve blood pressure issues and general health.

Respiratory System- spots and inflammations on the cheeks are linked to the respiratory system. Living in the city, spending a lot of time in the traffic , coming into contact with polluted air can cause the breakouts in the cheek area . If you smoke, you may also experience spots in this area. Cutting down on sugar and getting more fresh air will help to clear the skin in this area. Another reason for breakouts here, that most people don’t necessary think about is pressing mobile phones against their cheeks ,sleeping on a dirty pillow sheets and touching your face.

Stomach– Spots on the chin area are linked to possible problems with digestion. If your diet has been loaded with rich and heavy foods, it may be beneficial to consider a fast or a detox. A good exercise routine is also great for helping with the digestion.

Hormones– Spots on the jar area and sometimes on the chin pop up during the periods of hormonal change, imbalance  and even stress. Although for us women it is somehow difficult to avoid, especially during the time of the periods, a good routine of sleeping, drinking plenty of water, eating lots of leafy vegetables   and taking particular care of your skin, will help to decrease the effects of the imbalance during these times.

Illness- spots on the neck can be an indication that your body is trying to fight off a bacteria. If you are beginning to feel unwell , take it easy, rest, drink herbal teas and water and give your body time to relax.

Next time you have a breakout, take a closer look at your skin and try to see what your skin is trying to communicate to you on behalf of your internal organs. Our skin is our biggest organ and clear skin is a great indicator that you internal balance is in order. It is also important to know that if the problem continues to persist, its best to contact a dermatologist for a more in depth prognosis.

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