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Oil Cleansing Method for Beautiful Skin

My quest for living a more natural life and using chemical free products on my skin has once brought me to oil cleansing method. Ever since I discovered it, I absolutely loved it and want to share it with you. My skin used to feel dry and tight after cleansing and I used to go and replace the moisture balance with a moisturiser , which still didn’t make my skin feel fully moisturised. Cleansing my face with oils has changed the way my skin looks and feels and I have never looked back.

Secret of Cleansing the Skin

The secret to a proper cleansing is getting rid of toxins and dead cells , that the skin hasn’t naturally got rid off, remove dirt, make up and chemical pollutants; to clear out clogged pores and eliminate bacteria without stripping the skin off its natural oils and water. The majority of cleansing products that are offered in the mainstream stores, dry the skin and alter its PH balance, causing it to become more alkaline. The ‘squeaky clean’ sensation, that is offered by advertisers when promoting a product, might sound good, however it is important to know that the body always seeks to normalize its processes – which is to balance and heal- so when the skin’s  natural oil is removed , the body responds by producing more oil to compensate for the loss.  If we over dry the skin , it will in fact produce excessive amounts of oil , which could make an existing acne problem even worse. castor-oil-316

The oil that our skin secretes not only moisturises the skin but is also  there to protect our skin from the outside environment , fighting bacteria and helping heal wounds. By washing the face with oil, we can clean and moisturise at the same time.

My love affair with oils has started with oil cleansing, quite a few years ago. As strange as washing your face with oil may sound to some who have never tried it before,  the oil cleansing method will positively surprise and amaze you with its result.  People that have never used oils may worry that using oil on their face will break them out, however oil cleansing will not make you break out. Pimples, spots, blackheads or cysts form as a result of various factors including hormones, lifestyle, bacteria, dead skin cells and the build up of these factors. Oil cleansing is very easy, better for your skin and the best make up remover ever.

So how to clean your face with oil?

The beauty of it is that there is no need to use expensive oils . There are wide variety of oils that can be used to cleanse the skin. Oil dissolves oil  and one of the best oils to use for cleansing is Castor oil. This oil has the ability to loosen toxins and impurities from beneath the skin, like no other oil.  It draws out dirt, pollution and excess sebum. Castor oil also has antimicrobial properties , which helps to prevent future breakouts. It is a softening oil which helps the skin to maintain elasticity which is responsible for keeping the complexion smooth and wrinkle free. This makes it ideal oil for cleansing the skin.

Depending on your skin type, you can use different ratios of castor oils to other oils. Some other oils you can use together with castor oil is Jojoba Oil (great for all skin types), Evening Primrose Oil (great for blemished and oily skin), Coconut Oil (great for normal skin) or Avocado Oil (good for drier skin).

Normal skin – 1:1 Castor oil + another oil     chem (1 of 1)

Oily skin – 3:1 Castor oil + another oil

Dry skin – 3:1 Castor oil + another oil

You can make a small amount of the oil first ad try out different ratios, to see what suits your skin and what works best.


Once the mixture is made, rub a small amount on a dry face and massage for a minute or more also benefiting form a great results that face massage brings. Water and oil don’t mix, so avoid putting the oil on wet face. The oil gets rid of face and eye make up , so there is no need to remove your make up beforehand.

After you have massaged the oil for a minute or so, take a muslin cloth (or any other cloth that you use) rinse it in a warm water, wring it out , place it on your face for a few seconds and wipe the oil away. Repeat if necessary. This process removes the oil and impurities from your pores.

You can mix your choice of oils together and store them in a jar. It is also great to add some essential oils to the blend, as they have therapeutic qualities, can help to heal different skin conditions and improve the complexion of the skin. Geranium and Lavender  oils are great for all skin types, Grapefruit and Orange oils are great for oily and congested skin, Sandalwood and Patchouli oils are great for dry skin. Essential oils can sometimes irritate the eye area, so if you have sensitive skin , then avoid using it.

Oil cleansing is so easy to do and the benefits are great!

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