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Food For Skin

Hundreds of beauty products come onto the market every month. New ‘natural’ bath and body products  can be seen everywhere selling ‘pure’, ‘dermatologically tested’, ‘hypo-allergenic’, ‘anti-ageing’,’botanical’ and the list goes on and on. Marketing plays a very important aspect of these claims, as the consumer is always in search of new and exiting things to try out in the name of Beauty. We as consumers have more skin care options than ever before, somewhat creating confusion about what ingredients are truly good for our body and skin. The skincare that is sold around the world is a subject to cosmetic law, however misleading government standards for labelling and advertising ‘natural ‘ products, do not protect the average buyer, who simply does not have the knowledge or experience to evaluate the chemicals in a product. Besides, many of the ingredients that are used today, have not been around long enough for us to know their long term effects on health.   There are various and extensive laboratory tests that have shown many of the ingredients in the conventional beauty products to be harmful and capable of producing not only short term harmful effects, but also much more serious long term health problems. Some cosmetic manufacturers may claim that  only a small amount of these chemicals are being used, however apart from this notion being disingenuous , it totally ignores the fact that we use them every day.

The word ‘natural’ does the trick and sells the  product and its a very good marketing to get your customers to believe that a jar of petroleum , water and preservatives is actually a blend of healing extracts. Unfortunately, most of the time, the large cosmetic trade associations ( which advice boards who essentially form these laws)  are themselves funded by memberships from  large cosmetic companies. This means that despite there being a law about cosmetic safety there are lots of very unsafe and harmful chemicals still legally allowed in skincare products. If we are to believe the manufacturers , every products is good for everyone, and all of them are made with ‘exclusive’ formulas rich in pure sounding ingredients such as ‘extracts’, ‘enzymes’ and ‘botanicals’. While, many of them do contain these authentic natural ingredients, what the advertising and large print of these products fail to mention are the many other synthetic and chemical ingredients, such as, dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers and fragrances that also go into this products and therefore into our skins.

lavender Our skin ingests nutrients. Unlike the food that we eat, which goes through a digestive process and is broken down in the stomach before it is absorbed, creams and lotions that are applied to the skin bypass the digestive process and go full strength directly into our blood stream. It is important to think of beauty products not as cosmetic product but as food and if you cannot eat it , then don’t use it on your skin. I would say that knowledge is power. If  you are concerned about your well-being and your health, it is as important to know the ingredients of what we apply externally as it is to know the ingredients of what we eat. Not to mention the environmental impact that the production of these products have on our earth. I use to be an absolute and complete beauty junkie!! Every time I would see a beauty product , my eyes would light up and I would feel the need to buy it. I was addicted ! Well , not anymore. Since I have learnt the ingredients and the effect they have on our skin, I have somehow understood that most of it is just a great marketing. Some of the cosmetic brands have a huge amount of budget to market their products and experts work on making us believe that they can do magic. Our skin is alive and lifeless chemicals cannot give life back to the skin. Synthetic molecules lack intelligence , or as Deepak Chopra calls ‘the self-contained ‘know-how’ of the building blocks in living organisms to preserve balance and internal stability.’  In order for the products to be ‘alive’ they should to be made purely of plants and all forms of vegetation, including trees, flowers , vegetables , herbs and spices , their extracts, any other of their parts. These are balanced by nature and full of the intelligence (the vibratory energy) that creates life. This is the perfect food for the skin.

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