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The Energy of the Full Moon

When the moon is full, the sun shines its light upon the backside of the moon, and that  is why the moon is very bright and glowing in the sky.

The energy of the full moon is supercharged and I love how it makes me feel. During this time I can feel myself motivated , having loads of energy and power and  I am usually full of great creative ideas during this time. It is a magical time for me and I try to use it to my advantage to a full extend. This is a time for healing, self- expression, empowerment and making our ideas come alive.

If used correctly a full moon is a great time of positive opportunity . It can either increase positive energy or play havoc on our emotions , depending on our state of mind at the time . If you feel angry , you will be angrier and if you are happy you will for sure feel happier. Any type of energy will be intensified and we can use this opportunity for emotional or spiritual growth.

It is a great time to release anything that no longer serves you and it can be anything , a situation, a feeling  or a person .

Here are some ways of using this amazing energy of the full moon to our advantage:

Set your intentions – Spend some time imagining your goals, write them down on a paper or create visual boards, write down everything that you would like to manifest. Come back to these manifestations  regularly  and put them somewhere where you can see them often during the full moon. Spending time focusing on your dreams during the full moon adds more magic to it!

Stay calm – try to refrain from arguing,  getting angry and other negative emotions . Let things go, don’t be bitter, forget other people for their mistakes  and breathe through difficult moments. Whatever happens at this time is multiplied , so communicate positive energy and keep the energy moving  in a happy and uplifting direction.

Stay positive– this is something that we should try to do all the time anyway, however during this time its even more important as your positive thoughts will be energized and multiplied.

One of the things you can do to put yourself in good mood is to be thankful to the Universe for all the good things that you have in your life. Or take a walk outside and see all the beauty that is surrounding us. Send love, healing  energy and forgiveness to everyone you come into contact and don’t forget to include yourself. The full moon is a great time to rid yourself of any negative energy.

Meditate- since full moon pours down so much energy , meditating during this special time creates calm and stillness.

And finally, remember to seal all of your actions with gratitude to the full  moon , thanking her for the wisdom and for sharing her energy , assisting you in whatever way you choose.

Love Anna xx

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Hello! Welcome to AbsoluteBeauty. This blog is my way of sharing with you my tips, recipes and personal experiences on how to live a happier life by living holistically, doing yoga, meditating, having a positive attitude, reading inspirational books, having gratitude for all the beautiful things in the world and being happy. This is my journey on trying to live a more honest , positive and happier life . I would like to inspire and motivate people to live a cleaner and more holistic lifestyle and also be inspired by likeminded people. I hope you enjoy it!

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