Inner Beauty
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1 Give up your need to always be right 2 Give up your need for control 3 Give up on blame 4 Give up on your self defeating self talk 5 Give up your limiting beliefs 6 Give up complaining 7 Give up the luxury of criticism 8 Give up your need to impress others 9 Give up your resistance to change 10 Give up labels 11 Give up on your fears 12 Give up your excuses 13 Give up the past 14 Give up attachment 15 Give up living your life to other peoples expectations.

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Hello! Welcome to AbsoluteBeauty. This blog is my way of sharing with you my tips, recipes and personal experiences on how to live a happier life by living holistically, doing yoga, meditating, having a positive attitude, reading inspirational books, having gratitude for all the beautiful things in the world and being happy. This is my journey on trying to live a more honest , positive and happier life . I would like to inspire and motivate people to live a cleaner and more holistic lifestyle and also be inspired by likeminded people. I hope you enjoy it!

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